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This is a 6MW STOR project which required some thoughtful planning and programming. The site is extremely compact and the infrastructure for the gas generators and electrical switch room were in separate buildings. The cooling system was positioned outside, and all apparatus connected to the Cadent Gas infrastructure and the Electricity North West 6.6kv system.

National Grid Electricity Transmission plc (National Grid), as the National Electricity Transmission System Operator (NETSO) requires access to extra power in the form of either generation or demand reduction during certain periods of the day in order to manage situations where actual demand is greater than forecast demand and/or unforeseen generation unavailability. National Grid procures Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) to help meet this reserve requirement. STOR is a contracted balancing service whereby the Service Provider delivers a contracted level of power (within pre-agreed parameters) when instructed by National Grid. The requirement for STOR varies depending on the time of year, week, and day, being a function of the system demand profile at that time.

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